Products are not available for online purchase. You can find them at our Magill and Salisbury practices.

Ankle Braces

Assists with return to sport following ankle injuries.


Assist self-mobilising of stiff spinal joints and muscles.

Spikey Massage Balls

Assists self-release of tight muscles / trigger points.

Tennis Elbow Braces

Unloads the tendon of the elbow causing the pain.

Wrist Braces

Various braces that unloads the over-used tendon / muscle or stabilises the injured ligaments / bones.

Knee Braces / Straps

Various braces that unloads the over-used tendon / muscle or stabilises the injured ligaments / bones.

Flexall 4oz & 16 oz.

Very effective topical creams for pain relief of ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints.

Hot/Cold Packs

Soft Touch, Hotteeze, Flex Eze.

Fit Balls

Rehabilitation device to assist strengthening of core muscles and stretching of back muscles.

Foam Rollers

Used to release tight muscles.

Back / Lumbar Rolls

Assists to support the lower back in sitting.

Sports Tape

Assists the support of joints during activity especially sport.


Used in shoes to assist correction of foot biomechanical issues to unload undue pressure on certain muscles and tendons.

Theraband / Theratubing

An elastic resistant rubberised material used to assist strengthening of muscles.

Posture Braces

A supportive brace used to give feedback of correct posture.

Maternity / SIJ Braces or Belts

Used during pregnancy or for other sacro-iliac joint instability problems to provide compression and stability to this joint.

Air Cushions

Rehabilitation device to assist proprioception, balance and stability.Any Peripheral Joint Brace such as wrist, knee, ankle, maternity.

Heel Raises

Used to assist minor leg-length discrepancy or to unload muscles and tendons of the lower leg especially the calf and Achilles tendon.

Overdoor Shoulder Pulley

Assists shoulder range of movement following surgery or other conditions.

FlexEze & Hotteeze Patches

Assists temporary symptomatic relief of muscle strains & sprains for 12-14 hours.

Black Roll Mini

Terrific small device to effectively self-massage and release tight muscles and fascia on all areas of the body.

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