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Our affiliation with the Joint Replacement Clinic allows us to provide all referred patients with 7 treatments at no gap. This covers post-operative treatments for those who have undergone hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery or shoulder replacement surgery, and can be utilised regardless of whether or not the patient has private health cover. This is all part of the JRC’s commitment to offering an end-to-end ‘no gap’ joint replacement service, making treatment for orthopaedic conditions more accessible than ever. For more information about the Joint Replacement Clinic, visit the website.

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Ducker Physio was initially a family owned company first established in 1992. It has steadily grown over the years beyond being solely family owned. Currently, ownership is with one of the original founders in Mark Ducker who is our Managing Director as well as Mark Covino who became a Director in January 2018. However, the original family owned objectives have not changed to always provide high quality hands-on treatment as well as focusing on great customer service. Both “Mark’s” have great enthusiasm and work ethic to continue to drive these requirements on a daily basis and focus of ongoing improvement with all aspects of the business and listening to feedback to also assist this.

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Kelly Roberts

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