Sports Injury Clinic Adelaide

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What Can We do to Help?

Our sports injury clinic Adelaide carries out a range of different treatments to prompt recovery. In the early stages of your injury, our first objective is to control swelling and pain. We carry out full assessments of your body—including nerves, bones, joints and muscles—to figure out your current status. We use methods such as joint mobilisation, assisted exercise, and massage therapy. Massage therapy helps relieve tension and regulate blood flow for a speedier recovery. For more intense injuries, we recommend slowly healing the body through hydrotherapy exercise. The buoyancy will take the pressure of the injured area while still enabling maintenance of cardiorespiratory fitness. Recovering from an injury might mean you have to regain co-ordination and skill. Ducker Physio will help you retrain the postural muscles to bring back support and movement control. If you have an injury, chat with a professional from our sports injury clinic Adelaide!

Sports Injury Clinic Adelaide

Why Is Rehabilitation So Important?

We all know that keeping active is a vital component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, jumping straight back into fitness after an injury could be the worst thing for you. Our sports injury clinic Adelaide to ease you back in and make sure your body’s adequately recovered. The physiotherapists at Ducker Physio know the best exercises to strengthen your joints and muscles to prevent the risk of re-injury. Recurring damage can create permanent impairment, so we recommend taking all the right precautions! Through attaining the right qualifications, we have a deep understanding of the body’s response to injury. We use assessment and measurement tools to plan an individual rehabilitation program tailored to your needs. On top of the services provided at our sports injury clinic Adelaide, water, good sleep, and nutrition will all contribute to a full recovery! Make sure you approach our team before your next season.

Why Ducker Physio?

We utilise our sports injury clinic Adelaide to create lifechanging improvements. Upon first consultation, you’ll immediately feel welcomed by our friendly company culture. As health professionals, boasting an empathetic nature and being respectful towards our clients is our number one priority. Our core company values derive from the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Code of Ethics, which was designed to align the values of South Australian health professionals. Through exercising these values, we facilitate a positive customer experience from end to end. One of the big values they push is building trust, which is achieved through transparency and comfort. Our examination rooms are modern, private, and equipped with everything our patients need to instil a sense of confidence. We demonstrate a high-level of skill and knowledge and are fully compliant with the expected OH&S procedures. If you’re searching for a reliable sports injury clinic Adelaide, you know who to call!

If you have any pain or injuries that require the hands of a specialist, come and see one of our incredible team members. Our goal is to provide a level of customer service that is unrivalled in our industry. We don’t just have one sports injury clinic Adelaide, we have two! Call either our Magill location (8333 0322) or our Salisbury location (8283 3760) today.