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What Does Physiotherapy Cover?

Have you typed ‘physiotherapy near me’ because you’ve been experiencing constant pain? Well, now’s the time to do something about it! Ducker Physio cover the full scope of Musculoskeletal (orthopaedic physiotherapy) and neurological issues. Many are under the impression that physiotherapy is only practical for athletes, but that’s certainly not the case. We offer targeted treatment plans to help with a range of problems, whether it be back pain, sprains, headaches or arthritis etc. We also provide rehabilitations service s post-surgery to restore normality in your life. Too many of us live with secret aches and pains that make day to day activities unbearable. However, a lot of these problems can be managed, and even recovered, through our services. We tailor every treatment to suit your specific requirements. Don’t let the pain take over, do something about it now! We offer the ‘physiotherapy near me’ you can depend on.

Physiotherapy Near Me

Do You Suffer from Cervicogenic Headaches?

Are you struggling to pinpoint the cause of your recurring headaches? Give your local ‘physiotherapy near me’ a go. You might be experiencing what is known as a Cervicogenic (or neck-related) headache. Tension build-up is commonly triggered by the joints in your neck. It starts with neck pain, and then the problem slowly escalates to the head. A Cervicogenic headache is of moderate intensity, but as a recurring problem, it can be impossible to concentrate and relax. The initial neck pain can stem from all sorts of circumstances, including injury trauma, whiplash or bad posture. It can be difficult to self-diagnose yourself, particularly as headaches commonly relate back to other things as well. Our physiotherapists will undertake a full examination to determine whether your joints and muscles are causing the pain. Call out Magill clinic on 8333 0322 to book! End your search for ‘physiotherapy near me’ with Ducker Therapy.

How We Treat Your Neck-Related Headaches

To make sure we offer the best solutions for your ‘physiotherapy near me’, our work is calculated and thorough. Once we’ve identified whether the headache is joint-related, we begin immediate treatment to remedy the pain. Firstly, we encourage our clients to actively participate in neck care regimes. We provide adequate education and take-home advice to make sure you’re doing everything possible to de-escalate the pain. We offer manual therapy, and prescribe exercises that will improve your movement, posture and overall muscle support. If the results reveal that your joints aren’t the cause of the headache, we’re still able to contribute to your pain recovery. After seeking management advice form your GP, we can offer soft-tissue therapy or relaxation therapy to ease the pain. Lots of problems require a multi-disciplinary approach, so we often liaise with other healthcare professionals to offer well-rounded solutions! We’re your best bet for ‘physiotherapy near me’.

We have two clinics to make our high-quality work more accessible across Adelaide. If you require help with any pain you’re experiencing, call our Magill clinic on 8333 0322 or our Salisbury clinic on 8283 3760. Our dedicated professionals put your wellbeing first! Choose Ducker Physio to be your go-to ‘physiotherapy near me’.