Lower Back Pain Treatment Adelaide

Lower Back Pain Treatment Adelaide | Restore Your Quality of Life!

Restoring Your Quality of Life with Ducker Physio

Are you looking for a long-term lower back pain treatment Adelaide? Ducker Physio will take care of you. We get patients approaching us with all kinds of back problems, but the most common of these is acute non-specific back pain. Your lower back is the area between your lowest ribs and your bottom. The words ‘non-specific’ are used in the title to indicate that the pain isn’t linked to any serious problems. Even with the best technology and resources, it can be near-impossible to locate the exact cause of the pain. It might be linked to heavy lifting, obesity, smoking, or even depressive symptoms. A physiotherapist can at least determine whether or not your back pain is non-specific, giving you peace of mind.  From there, our team will begin tailoring treatment options to remedy the pain. Stop by the clinic to receive lower back pain treatment Adelaide!

Lower Back Pain Treatment Adelaide

Different Types of Back Pain

In order to provide adequate lower back pain treatment Adelaide, we need to know the exact cause of the problem. Here are some of the most common types of back pain we manage at Ducker Physio:

  • Inflamed Spine:While the cause of spine inflammation can’t be pinpointed, it’s believed to be linked to autoimmune disease. This particular condition requires diagnosis from a rheumatologist.
  • Radicular Pain:This pain stems from irritated nerves near the spine, and travels down the leg. The nerve branches are called ‘nerve roots’, and they can cause weakness and numbness in your leg.
  • Spinal CanalStenosis: Stenosis is a medical term for ‘narrowing’, and in this case, it refers to the narrowing of your spinal canal. It’s commonly experienced with age, but the decreased blood flow can lead to numbness and weakness in your legs. We have lower back pain treatment Adelaide for all of these conditions!

The Australian Physiotherapy Association

To maintain our position at industry’s forefront when it comes to lower back pain treatment Adelaide, we’re members of APA. APA stands for the Australian Physiotherapy Association, and there’s a range of principles and guidelines that we follow to optimise the patient experience. One of the most important values that we exercise is respect. We recognise and respect the rights, needs, dignity and diversity of all individuals. This extends to both our staff and our clients, because company culture is vital to maintaining a positive atmosphere. Another core value from the APA Code of Ethics is continuous improvement. We’re always looking forward and adapting as innovative trends and developments in physiotherapy emerge. Our goal is to provide effective results, so you can live out your life pain-free. Call us on 8333 0322 to learn about our lower back pain treatment Adelaide! We ensure the trust placed in us is justified.

If you’ve been experiencing back pain and have concerns that it might be linked to something serious, don’t way for the symptoms to progress. Come and see our team of specialists and we’ll provide you with the peace of mind you need! We have a lower back pain treatment Adelaide for all problems. Call us on 8333 0322 for more information.