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What are our working hours at Ducker Physio?

8:00am - 7:00pm by appointment. Please contact us for an appointment at Magill on 8333 0322 or Salisbury on 8283 3760.

How long are the appointment times?

An initial appointment is 40 minutes and a subsequent appointment is 20 minutes contact time. You may be there for as long as 30-45 minutes in total depending on non-contact treatment such as exercises etc.

When and how do I pay for my treatment?

Full payment is required on the date of service for all private patients including pensioners. If you are a member of a private health fund, please bring your card on the day of each treatment as we have Hicaps facilities. This means you will then only have to pay the treatment gap rather than the full fee.

The gap varies depending on your health fund and the level of cover you have chosen to be covered by the fund. We are preferred physiotherapy providers with Health Partners, BUPA, Medibank Private and HCF, which means your gap payment is far less than with treatment provided by non-preferred provider physiotherapists.

Most health funds now only let you use the Hicaps facility on the day of service to automatically claim the rebate. Otherwise the account will need to be paid in full and claim the rebate back yourself from the health fund later.

If you have no health cover then you will not be able to claim back any rebate.

If you have an accepted Workcover or Motor Vehicle Injury claim, then accounts are sent directly to them. You are fully responsible for any accounts not paid by these third parties for any reason.

If you are eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) under Medicare, please bring your Medicare card and your debit / savings ATM card to each appointment. You will need to pay the full amount at the time and all but $10 is immediately returned to your debit account. If you do not bring these cards, then you’ll need to claim back the Medicare rebate yourself from a Medicare office.

Does Ducker Physio offer any discounted treatment?

Yes we do for Pensioners and HCC holders provided you bring in your latest card.

Does Ducker Physio provide treatment to Private and Third Party Injuries?

Yes we do but you’ll need a doctor’s referral for Workcover, Motor Vehicle, Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) claims.

Private patients do not need a referral, as we are first contact practitioners who have the training to diagnose, treat or refer off if you present with a non-physiotherapy problem.

Can Ducker Physio physiotherapists refer for x-rays?

Yes, physiotherapists currently can refer their patients for plain x-rays for all parts of the body. However, currently Medicare pays the same rebate as doctors for x-rays of the spine, pelvis and hips. Medicare pays a lesser rebate for x-rays of the peripheral joints (e.g. knee, ankle) currently. The difference in the rebate can be obtained at the time by the radiology firm. You can then decide if you wish to receive the same referral from a doctor bearing in mind most doctors charge a co-payment of around $30.

Can Ducker Physio physiotherapists provide medical certificates to their patients?

Yes they are permitted to do so lawfully if the physiotherapist determines the condition is within their training expertise and the physiotherapist believes the condition would mean the patient would be unable to perform their normal work duties for a certain period of time. We cannot provide medical certificates for conditions such as colds / flu etc.

Does Ducker Physio provide medical aids and equipment?

Yes we do. We have many products in stock plus we have a local medical supplier which we can access products usually by the next day.

Does Ducker Physio provide physiotherapy services to hospitals?

Yes we have physiotherapy privileges at Calvary Central Districts Hospital at Jarvis Road, Elizabeth Vale. We have been providing treatment there for 20 years.

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