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Work Related Injuries

Neck pain

Injuries at work can occur to people doing heavy and active occupations that require lifting or repetitive work as well as to people that do inactive occupations such as desk bound work.

Common injuries that are seen in the active occupations include lower back /neck strains from lifting and overuse injuries to muscles and tendons from using the same muscle groups all day. For example working on a production line. In the inactive group common injuries include postural neck and back pain from sitting most of the day or from poor positioning at the workstation. Repetitive use of the computer mouse, keyboard and telephone can cause overuse injuries as well to muscles and tendons.

Our physiotherapists can assist you to recover quickly from your injury and to return to work as soon as possible. Using techniques such as manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation achieve this as well as education about the causes of the injury and how best to prevent it from happening again. Education may include about correct lifting techniques, workstation setups, pause breaks and using different muscle groups and techniques for repetitive tasks.

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