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Sporting Injuries

Neck pain

Sporting injuries can create a great deal of frustration to a person as it can force them away from a sport or activity they love, or cause ongoing pain and discomfort whilst they continue to play.

Early diagnosis and correct treatment by one of our skilled physiotherapists can greatly reduce the time away from the sport or how quickly a person will become pain free whilst they are playing their sport. As a result the enjoyment and performance levels will be returned much more quickly.

Typical sporting injuries include strains and sprains to muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments as well as overuse / repetitive injuries to these structures. Our physiotherapists have the assessment skills to diagnose both acute and chronic injuries. From this assessment and your history to determine whether physiotherapy will assist your injury to full recovery, or whether further investigations or specialist surgical opinion may be required. If surgery is required then physiotherapy is essential to restore full movement and strength to the injured area and other areas. Otherwise further injury to these areas may ensue due to lack of rehabilitation, as well as speed up recovery time to return to sport as soon as possible.

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