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Neck Pain

Neck pain

Neck pain is a very common condition that can also contribute to headaches, shoulder and upper back pain. Physiotherapy can greatly assist these problems.

The neck’s role is to support and move your head, which has significant weight. As a result it is vulnerable to injury from prolonged periods of forward head posture such as being in front of the computer, laptops, television or playing computer games / devices. Other causes of neck pain can be traumas. For example a whiplash injury from a vehicle accident, or numerous micro-injuries to the neck over the years, such as heavy lifting or sporting collisions, can cause degenerative neck changes.

Our physiotherapists can accurately and skillfully assess the origin of your pain and then discuss and plan the correct course of treatment for you.

A wide variety of treatment approaches can be used depending on the assessment. Approaches may include various manual hands-on techniques to restore normal neck function and movement, stretching and strengthening exercises in the rooms and at home, advice about posture and positioning at home and in the work site as well as correct sleeping positions.

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